Why We Started Essential Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss CaryOur team at Essential Health was many years into our successful practice here in Cary when we realized their was a component to our patients’ health journeys that we could be offering more toward. For years, we provided a highly comprehensive health partnership with our patients, providing extensive testing, lab work, and education stemming from our functional and integrative approaches to healing the body. Our focus was and is on total well being, acknowledging the connection between mind, body, and spirit wellness and opting for holistic routes as much as possible. We’ve partnered with so many patients to uncover the true causes of their health issues and worked diligently with them to address these causes at the root and to carry out a unique, comprehensive health plan that focused on improving their health in sustainable ways.

However, we noticed along the way that there was one area of health that our patients yearned for more focused concentration on: weight loss. Struggling with weight is something everyone deals with at some point, and it’s become an increasing health issue in our country. The average weight of an American adult is steadily increasing, and we’re seeing the immense impact it has on overall health. Weight loss is incredibly personal, but it’s often difficult to approach it on your own, especially if it’s been an issue for many years. That’s why we developed a program to design to unique medical weight loss plan around each patient, partnering with them each step of the way to help them reach and maintain their weight loss goals in a safe, supervised way.

Our Medical Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Plans CaryOur approach to weight loss when helping a patient is truly unique, combining testing and analysis, consultations and reviews, and monitoring and making adjustments as needed along the way. We tailor our program to the patient’s gender, age, lifestyle, and health issues and goals, ultimately choosing the best course of action for them.  We didn’t arrive at these plans lightly. These programs are the result of years of study and collaboration. Our plans are for those who are serious about taking control of their weight and health, but that’s what we saw so many of our patients ready for before beginning this program.

After officially launching in April 2017, we’re already seeing these programs make a difference in people’s lives, and we’re planning to expand our pool of participants. If you or someone you know would like more information on participating or how our programs work, please contact our office at (919) 887-8371. Our qualified team would love to speak with you about your goals and how we can make your journey in health a bright one.

Take the first step toward a healthier you.