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Discover the benefits of our hCG diet. With Dr. Sheri Emma's scientifically targeted protocols

The weight-loss power of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) was discovered more than 60 years ago. This hormone remains one of the most effective weight-loss treatments to this day. Essential Weight Loss offers the latest in cutting-edge hCG diet protocols created by Dr. Sheri Emma, combining regular doses of hCG with a custom-formulated restricted-calorie diet. These diets result in very fast weight loss with a higher metabolism, sustained lean muscle, and reduced chance of rebound afterward. With our medical supervision, it’s an effective way to lose weight.

Health Evaluation

The hCG diet process starts with a detailed physical exam and medical evaluation. We use a data-driven approach to ensuring you have the right level of health to handle a restricted-calorie diet and regular hCG doses in a safe and effective manner.

Regular Injections

While you’re on the hCG diet, you’ll self-administer regular doses of a top-quality hCG substance. This involves injecting yourself using a tiny needle that’s virtually painless and incredibly easy. We’ll walk you through the process in detail so you’re comfortable.

Low-Calorie Diet

The final component to our powerful hCG diets, in addition to Dr. Emma’s dosage protocols, is a custom-formulated restricted-calorie diet. Our medical providers will consult with you to create a personalized diet to help you meet your goals.

Learn more about hCG. An accidental discover that supercharges weight loss

Dr. Simeon originally discovered the weight-loss power of hCG by accident more than six decades ago while doing research on the substance as a treatment for Frolich’s Syndrome. Dr. Sheri Emma, MD recently revived the diet, using a cutting-edge understanding of the role hCG plays in retaining muscle during weight loss.

A natural hormone, hCG is produced in the body in large quantities during pregnancy to help ensure the developing baby receives the proper nutrients. It’s also used as a treatment for infertility both in men and in women. It stimulates other hormones in the body that are shown to help sustain muscle mass as weight is lost.

Essential Weight Loss

Safe, effective, & rapid weight loss Dr. Emma's diet carries few risks when properly administered.

For many of our patients, the thought of injecting themselves daily with a natural hormone can seem intimidating. We understand! It’s actually very easy to handle it yourself, and you’ll feel virtually no pain at all. With our help, your hCG injections will be a very safe, easy part of an effective weight loss program. We’ll also make sure you’re fully informed throughout the process.

Extensive resources

When you begin your hCG diet with help and supervision from Essential Weight Loss, we’ll provide you with a full range of resources and documentation to help guide you through the process. This includes initial dietary counseling along with Dr. Emma’s diet guide, a daily food journal, Dr. Emma’s cookbook, and more. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to get the very most from your diet.

Ongoing evaluation

While you’re on your hCG regimen and restricted-calorie diet, we’ll also bring you in for regular evaluations. We’ll carefully track your weight loss, talk to you about how you’re feeling, and make any needed adjustments to your hCG dosage and your personalized diet, as needed. With our professional supervision, you’ll experience maximum weight loss with sustained lean muscle mass, less appetite, and a higher metabolism.

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