For Women

Our female weight loss programs Essential Weight Loss delivers weight management that works.

While many women here in the Triangle area struggle with their weight for a variety of reasons, it can be very difficult to choose a weight loss program that’s effective and sustainable. Whatever your reason for wanting to shed a few pounds, at Essential Weight Loss, we understand! We’re here to help women eat better and be more active to achieve their ideal weight and body fat percentage. Plus, we offer a personalized and dedicated support system you need to feel empowered and make a sustainable change.

Safe, Effective Diets

Are you ready to stop guessing which diet is best and bouncing between the latest dieting trend? Many fad diets can actually deprive your body of key nutrients and negatively affect your health. Don’t worry! We’ll customize a science-backed diet just for you.

Targeted Exercise

Everyone knows that losing weight and keeping it off requires a more active lifestyle. However, it’s not always best to spend all your valuable free time toiling away in the gym. Instead, we’ll help you find ways to get active that actually work for your busy schedule.

Supplements & Meds

There are many FDA-approved weight loss medications and supplements that make safe, effective additions to a holistic weight management program. We’ll recommend the right ones for you.

We're all about empowerment & confidence. Our team will give you the tools you need for sustainable weight loss.

At Essential Weight Loss, we understand that effective weight loss and ongoing weight management starts with your mental state and mindset. You have to change your way thinking to change your eating habits and lifestyle, and we’re here to help! With us, you won’t feel alone in this endeavor.

From your very first visit with us, we’ll treat you with respect and work to help build your confidence. By improving your outlook, you’ll feel in control of your own weight loss. When you’re empowered to get more active and improve your health, the rest will fall into place with surprising ease.

Essential Weight Loss

Weight loss for all women & all conditions With Essential Weight Loss, there's no challenge too big to handle.

Medically supervised weight loss is proven safe and effective for women of all ages, sizes, and conditions. There are many reasons why you might want to lose weight, and there are also many reasons why you might struggle on your own. With our professional help, this daunting challenge becomes manageable.

Postpartum weight loss

Being a new mother is stressful, challenging, and yet rewarding, but it doesn’t leave a lot of free time. You also may be left with extra baby weight that’s tough to shed. We’re here to help you get healthier. Our postpartum weight loss program is as effective as they are workable, so you’ll get the results you want without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Look & feel better

Many women choose to lose weight because they’re fed up with how they look and they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. With our medical knowledge, it won’t be long before you’ll be looking and feeling better than you have in years! Whether you want to fit into those old jeans again or reverse the potentially dangerous health issues that come with being overweight, our customized programs will help you meet your goals.

Take the first step toward a healthier you.