Ketogenic Diet

A different kind of low-carb diet for effective weight loss A ketogenic diet promotes weight loss and overall health while keeping you satisfied.

There are many diets out there with a low-carb approach. There’s a difference that makes the ketogenic diet so effective. It focuses on reducing unhealthy carbs, while increasing healthy fats. Many dieters avoid fats. But not all fats are created equally. Our team will help you understand what carbs to eliminate. We’ll tell you which fats to include in your diet. And we’ll make a program that helps you lose weight and increase energy. It may relieve the burden of overall health issues you’ve had for years.

Carbohydrate Reduction

The ketogenic diet focuses on reducing unhealthy carbs. These can cause the body to store fat and feel fatigued. They also affect blood sugar levels. You can expect to eliminate or reduce many foods for best results. This includes rice, cereal, unrefined sugars, pasta, starchy vegetables, some beans, and alcohol.

Healthy Fat Intake

Certain fats help promote optimal performance in both body and mind. On this diet, you’ll enjoy lots of healthy fat sources. That means foods like meat, fish, eggs, avocados, nuts and seeds, and low-carb veggies. You’ll benefit from increased mental focus, more energy, and stable weight loss.

High Protein & Fiber

A keto approach offers a large amount of protein and fiber. It combines adequate fiber intake with optimal fat and protein. This will help you experience more comfortable digestive health. You’ll also notice a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. This is due to fiber and protein’s slower metabolic rate.

Why a low-carb, healthy-fat diet works Promoting weight loss while keeping you fuller longer

Most people fear the worst when they hear the word “diet.” They think of restrictive regimens that are inconvenient and unsatisfying. That’s not the case with this low-carb, healthy-fat diet. Plenty of nutritious, fulfilling food options are available. That way you can stay full for longer. Sound too good to be true? Not if you consider the science.

The way the ketogenic diet works is simple. Carbs are metabolized in two to four hours. Protein and fat take four to eight. This means your body is better sustained. Secondly, by reducing carbs, you reduce glucose production. When the body is short on glucose, it turns to its next energy source: fat. While your body burns fat, you’re functioning optimally with more energy and less cravings.

Essential Weight Loss

Is a ketogenic diet right for you? We'll track your body's response to ensure safe weight loss.

One of the many benefits to the ketogenic diet is there’s no calorie counting. Calorie counting is tedious. It’s often an inconvenient approach to dieting. And it’s unnecessary when you’re focusing on macronutrient intake. Over trying to lose weight by counting each calorie you eat? This diet could be a refreshing solution. Especially if you have issues with prediabetes or metabolic syndrome.

Better Overall Health

Is cholesterol has become a problem for you? If so, you’ll notice a welcome drop due to cholesterol’s need for glucose. You’ll eliminate this with the carbs. You’ll also experience lower blood pressure. There’s also a reduction in triglycerides. And you’ll notice a decrease in joint pain and stiffness. This is in addition to clearer thinking, more energy, and mood stabilization. Not to mention weight loss.

Blood Sugar Balance

With the keto program, the reduction of glucose means less insulin is secreted. This holds blood glucose levels more steady. This is helpful for those suffering from prediabetes, hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and more. Plus, you can expect the freedom of fewer sugar cravings. You’ll also have fewer food fixations that sabotage your weight loss.

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