Modified Liquid Diet

Our liquid protein diet offers fast, safe weight loss. If you're looking to lose weight rapidly, this diet is for you.

It seems like there’s a new fad or “crash” diet out there every day, and they all claim to be the fastest, easiest way to lose weight. It’s true that many of these diets are indeed effective, but no diet is worth doing if it leaves you feeling unsatisfied or deprives you of key nutrients. Don’t leave something as important as your health to chance. Instead, choose Essential Weight Loss and our powerful modified liquid diets for the safest and most effective way to lose weight quickly.

High-Protein Shakes

Our modified liquid diets use high-protein shakes as meal replacements. For a 14-day fasting period, you’ll have 4 to 5 drinks instead of breakfast and lunch. Our shakes are available in multiple tasty flavors, so we offer something for everyone.

Small Dinners

In addition to your high-protein meal-replacement shakes, you’ll also eat a small dinnertime meal consisting of 100 to 200 calories. We’ provide you with a detailed book of delicious recipe ideas to make your dinners as satisfying as possible.

B-Complex Injections

Our modified liquid diets also include once-weekly injections of B-complex vitamins. These injections are scientifically formulated to stimulate your body’s natural fat-burning processes and ensure you have the key nutrients you need for safe weight loss.

Why high-protein, low-cal diets work Keeping your body nourished during your fasting period

Protein is an essential component of a functional low-calorie diet. It’s key for balancing your blood-sugar levels, it helps support proper muscle development and recovery, and it also boosts your body’s natural metabolic rate. This means it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough protein as part of your low-calorie diet.

With our modified liquid diets, you’ll generally be consuming between 500 and 700 calories per day, depending on your body’s unique needs. We’ve carefully formulated this diet to ensure it’s truly safe for a two-week fasting period. With our professional supervision, you’ll lose weight fast and safely.

Essential Weight Loss

Is a modified liquid diet right for you? We'll assess your health & medical history to ensure your safety.

Because our modified liquid diets involve restricting your calorie intake to roughly one-quarter of a “standard” daily recommended intake, it’s important to be in good overall health before getting started. We’ll perform all the blood tests and screening needed to ensure this diet is a good option for you.

Staying nourished

There are many diets out there that call for calorie restrictions. This is because eating fewer calories than your body needs will cause it to consume excess fat reserves to make up the difference, resulting in weight loss. The problem with many of these diets, however, is that your body still needs certain key nutrients to maintain health, especially protein and B-complex vitamins. You’ll get these nutrients with our modified liquid diet.

Fast, yet easy

When it comes to fast weight loss programs like our modified liquid diets, you might think you’re in for two weeks of torture and constant hunger. That’s just not the case! Our high-protein shakes and specialized 100-200-calorie meals are formulated specifically to fill you up and ease your hunger throughout the day. In some cases, we may recommend an appetite suppressant, if appropriate. Losing weight fast has never been easier!

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